What is the processing effect of precision grinder?



The precision required for grinding cylindrical rollers is usually higher, and the basic flatness is within 0.005. Cylindrical rollers are usually matched with high-precision bearing rings. Many P4 bearings are processed by this high-precision double-end grinder, which greatly improves the precision space.
1. With the increasing requirements of large and extra-large bearings for rotating accuracy and speed, the rolling element, as the most important part of rolling bearings, is also increasingly required.
2. After initial grinding and end grinding on the cylindrical roller end grinder, ensure the parallelism difference of 3 μ Within m, lay a good foundation for subsequent processing.
3. On the cylindrical grinder, the magnetic pole is used to absorb one end of the roller and serve as the positioning reference and the middle of the outer circle is used as the support. The reciprocating motion is used to grind the outer diameter to improve the verticality, reduce the diameter difference at both ends and improve the cylindricity.