Is epoxy board resistant to high temperature? What are the characteristics of epoxy board



Epoxy board can also be used in the decoration design at this stage, and is often used in the decoration design at this stage, but is the epoxy board resistant to high temperature? As more and more people use epoxy panels, we will also be very curious about the characteristics of epoxy panels. In order to further understand the epoxy board, what are the characteristics of the epoxy board?
Is the epoxy board resistant to high temperature?
1. Avoid the hidden danger of the display level and deformation of the plate. The appearance of the epoxy board under the high temperature standard is easy to deform, damage the color of the board, and some even show different situations. However, its high temperature resistance function can avoid the above situation.
2. Avoid damaging the function of the plate. High temperature not only affects the appearance of the plate, but also has inevitable harm to the function of the plate, resulting in changes in the function of the plate.
3. Improve the service life of the plate. To avoid the harm of various adverse conditions on the plate can delay the aging of the plate, save the replacement time of everyone, and further improve the output power of production.
2、 What are the characteristics of epoxy board?
1. Epoxy board, we must be familiar with this insulating material. We all know that it has good insulation layer, good mechanical equipment process performance and high temperature resistance. However, we may not be familiar with the production process of epoxy board.
2. It has good structural mechanics function. In different natural environments, such as materials, temperature, environmental humidity and other natural environments, it can accept various additional loads, such as tension, bump, impact, exchange, etc., and can mainly display stable functions.
3. Strong adaptability. Epoxy board can be integrated with various clearly defined methods, and its business scale can range from low viscosity to high melting point solid.
4. Wide scale of dry solid temperature operation. Its temperature operation scale can reach dry solid operation scale within 0-180 ℃. Convenient for everyone
5. The reduction rate is low. No water or other volatile chemicals are released during production. In the whole dry solid process, the reduction rate is very low, generally less than 2%.
6. Good adhesion. Because of the unusual methyl and aldehyde groups in the molecular structure, the chemical substances have good adhesion. Moreover, the thermal stress in the middle of the molecular structure is small, and the pure natural adhesion is strong.
7. The epoxy board has a high temperature resistance function. At present, the high temperature resistance standard value is about 160 degrees. It is completely applicable to the requirements of some very good electronic devices and household appliances.
Is the epoxy board resistant to high temperature? Epoxy board has many characteristics. If you think the epoxy board must be used for house decoration, you can choose it to apply. What are the characteristics of epoxy board? The application of epoxy board should pay attention to the method. If the uncertain performance of the epoxy board itself is beneficial, you can also choose other raw materials.